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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 1:44 PM
So I went camping for the past three days (July 23-25) with three friends. We had it all planned out well in advance all the way back in June. We didn't actually have much of a choice of the days because of everyone's schedules. All of July was absolutely beautiful weather...until the 3 days we decided camping was a good idea. On the drive down Wednesday morning it rained much of the time. When we got to the site it was just cloudy with sketchy clouds. Because of the super hot weather we've been having all summer there was a campfire ban and we were told that it was likely to run through the whole summer. We were disappointed but hey camping; we would manage.
We picked our campsite and start getting the tarp up. WELL. Us city guys didn't have a huge idea of what we were doing. Luckily one of us had lots of long rope so we were able to reach the trees since the site wasn't packed full of conveniently placed trees. While putting up the tarp it started to rain lightly. We joked about camping in the rain with a fire ban. Because rain, we definitely had to make sure one corner of the tarp was higher than the others. Of course, the trees weren't cooperating with us trying to get the rope around the right branches so I was elected to be lifted high enough to get the rope around. Which, actually, worked better than I was thinking it would. The lowest corner was tied to the fire pit, which we had a laugh about. lol Not too long after getting the tarp up the ranger person came around and told us the campfire ban was lifted and we got some firewood.
It was raining pretty good when we finally got the tent up and our sleeping bags and stuff into the tent.  We layed about in the tent for a bit before getting bored and decided that we would go for a walk around the lake. The walk turned out to be a lot longer than we thought it was going to be. It was lightly raining when we started, so we had our umbrellas, but were lucky that it actually stopped for much of the walk. As we got closer to our campsite, however, it started raining again. It was raining relatively hard when we finally got back to the site. We all crawled into the tent and had a bit of a hysterical laughing cry about all the rain.
We played card games and Jenga for a few hours, until we noticed the rain had stopped. I was all "Omg does this mean we get to eat?!" Immediately we scrambled out of the tent and got stuff out for food. I more or less started the fire while another made absolutely huge hamburgers. We sat around enjoying the fire. It started to rain again. We dealt with it for as long as we could before it got too heavy and cold. We put out the fire and fled back into the tent.
When it got dark one of the guys ran a role playing game for us. It was a horror campaign that was about our characters going into the woods to hunt a bear that was killing people. Needless to say I was thoroughly spooked.
It rained ALL NIGHT.
The next morning tea and bean were made with a little heater thing we had under the tarp while the rain mocked us. After, we decided to drive to the nearest city about an hour or so away, just to give us something to do. We went to a museum, got all excited when we spotted the only 3 story building in the tiny town, got recommendations for a good place to eat, got lost, saw three deer in someones yard, accidentally found the food place we'd been looking for and finally had some lunch before heading back.
We were happy to find that it had stopped raining when we got back. So we went on a short walk. When we got back we decided it was a good idea to eat while the weather allowed us to. So we went to work and actually managed to light a fire with wet wood. We were able to have our marshmellows and smores and hot dogs cooked over the fire so we were quite happy. Earlier we had been informed about a little show of sorts happening at the camp later that night. So we lazed around until then and went over to check it out. It was a presentation about bears. Everyone there were adults with their kids. All four of us (in our mid-20's) giggled and joked quietly throughout the whole thing. I'm pretty sure everyone thought we were all drunk. Sadly that's just how we are normally. But we weren't being offensive, plus a lot of the kids thought we were amusing so all was well.
After, we continued the role playing game until after 12. Then, to my horror, we left the tent to look at the stars. It was pitch black and they kept making jokes about hearing things. B| We watched the stars until the clouds decided that it was time for bed and covered the stars.
The next day, we had a good breakfast then packed everything up and headed home. Of course, nothing fit back into the van as well as it did going there....even when we had less food stuffs....We took the scenic route home. It was a super beautiful day out as we traveled home. Because, of course it was... We had lunch, dropped stuff off at our various houses, cleaned the van inside and out then finished our game. 
Even though it rained for most of the trip we still had an awesome time. AND. We're all still friends. lol

Just curious, anyone have any camping horror/funny stories?

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