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IT'S BEEN A WHILE. I just got back from Seattle late last night. Me and a few friends went to Emerald City Comic Con this last weekend. I've never been to Seattle before so it was so very much fun all the way around. THE CONVENTION WAS SO HUGE OHMIGOD. The first day was rather overwhelming...I'm used to tiny cons that are probably 2-4 times smaller...every time we thought we'd explored it all we found a new area. The costumes were amazing and the booths selling art and merchandise were so tempting...OTL The only downside of it was that I had to share a tiny-ass bed with my roommate which was super, ultra awkward and horrible. And it was one of those beds that if you even looked at it wrong it would move and shake. >B|

I went as both the 10th Doctor and the 'tea Dalek' I may or may not post any pictures. Probably not. The most exciting part was on Sunday when we all got our picture taken with Karen Gillian from Doctor Who. (11th doctor's companion) She is so pretty...and so very

The food was amazing no matter where we went. One of the places was a pizza place called MOD. They ended up not charging one of my friends for her pizza because she was wearing a fox onesie because she had been too lazy to change out of it before we left for food. And the guy who we were paying had the rest of us play rock paper scissors with him for a free drink because we all were wearing Doctor Who related things.

I'm sad it's all over now, however, at the same time it's also really nice to be home and not around people anymore. AND MY OWN ROOM AND BED. :D :D

Aside from all that craziness....I've been invited to join :iconangelsascended-oct: Now I have to decide if I have time for another OCT...T.T I would have to make sure I didn't get so detailed and fine-lined like the last one. lol  As for the characters...the 'prize' is the resurrection of one person, so I was really considering using Kaiden and Seth assuming I actually do join it. But I could also just create/use an entirely new many decisions.... 'thoughtart' -  Haha, I think my brain broke. XD
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Life. It's just a cereal.
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However, if you did call me you would have about a 50ish percent chance that I would just hang up on you. Not on purpose. But I apparently can't answer my phone to save my life sometimes...It happens so infrequently that I, first, freeze and get all confused wondering what's going on. Once I've figured out my phone is indeed ringing I listen to the ring tone a bit (Deku Palace song from Zelda Majora's Mask) Because I never get to hear it. Then, I go to answer it only to realize I'm not entirely sure which of two buttons I'm suppose to press in order to answer it. Sometimes I'm right. And sometimes I'm stupid.

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: Manga/anime
Favourite cartoon character: Luffy, Lelouch, L, Light, Allen Walker, Sebastian and Gizmo Duck!! Haha!
Personal Quote: Whoever says the small things dont matter has never had to sleep in the same room as a mosquito

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trifle-confusion 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi! finally uploaded the prize drawing I owed you for OCTournamentOfRings! :D
hope you like it ^^
sorry it's so late! ;A;
ScytheVale Mar 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hello, I'm here to spam you again. *Ruffles your hair.* How things going for you lately? Sorry if I'm hogging up your comments, but's sort of lonely irl and online when a lot of your friends are busy. x.x And especially when you're dealing with jerks. Hahaha. Anyway, I hope things are going good for you. ^.^b
ScytheVale Mar 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
>3> Wow,when I look back at the comments it looks like I'm spamming it now. things going!? Wow,it has been awhile since we last talked. Right now I'm in the most craziest week ever cramming my studies in crunch time for two exams..and there's one next week. @_@

Oh yeah,I'm also happy that you got back to finishing off your TOR instead of dropping it. It really makes your watchers jubilant that you got it going. By the way...,I am letting you know that I am trying to work things out and open up a group. There will be a new oc that is going to be presented in a short comic(a teaser) before the opening. And I was planning(also asking xD) on using Seth in it. >3> She will probably drives him nuts.
Shes-t Mar 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Haha, I enjoy your comments. Things are going pretty good! The only downside is that I seem to be out doing things almost every night of the week these much socializing...T.T

Ah crunch time...such a horrible, stressful time of the year...The time of the year where you regret everything you've been doing for the past few months. lol I wish you luck! :D

Yes, :3 it certainly feels good. And like I'm actually accomplishing something. lol My mom wants me to finish it and make it into a book form so she can have it. Which means I'm going to have actually finish the other pages that never got coloured/finished. much work to do...OTL

:0 That sounds cool. Of course you may use him. :3 Most people drive him nuts. XD I'm curious to see it. What kind of group are you creating?
ScytheVale Mar 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Okay,that's a good thing that you're doing alright. Awww,not me...I'm busy working on a lot of homework and I hardly go out to do much besides running around doing things for people. LOL

It is...I had two weeks of school work and two exams to get done in four days..I succeeded but I have a stack of homework I need to get done in the weekend. And thank you! QWQ

Hahaha! There's no way you can't quit on this now after what your mom said! xD Hahaha! Good luck getting the comic done..oh man,I still have to try get mine finished but it looks like its going to turn out to be a long comic. XD

Thanks! Hahaha! Oh man..I would feel bad for him because Akin is going to love the guy but she has this killer instinct to slaughter demons...>w>'s a fantasy/horror rp group that you can use any species, >3> If you like I can explain more to you through notes. xD
Shes-t Mar 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist much work...but I'm glad you succeeded. There's nothing better than the stress of an exam looming over you wash away after it has been completed.

lol I cannot. Plus it would also be pretty cool to actually have a physical copy of it. Although, it would also mean I would have to figure out how cut each part to fit on a regular size sheet of paper...OTL  Haha, I feel you. Comics turning long seems to be the story of my life. It's really hard to keep it short. I wouldn't mind it being a long comic as it means more to read, but being one who also ends up doing long comics....I wish you luck and speed. :'D

Pff. Haha, That is excellent. They're going to have a wonderful time together. XD
Sure, I'd love to hear more about it. :3
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ScytheVale Feb 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
QAQ Shes-t!!!!! Omg! *flails* My round is ending up like a tragic romance novel! I feel so evil! *cries* ;A;
Shes-t Feb 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Haha, Excellent. Bring on the tragic drama. >D Embrace the evil.
ScytheVale Feb 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Omg! xD I'm going to be punching people's feelings! In the second round they pair me up with two female characters,one of them is crushing on Byten. OTL LOL
Shes-t Feb 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
lol Feeling punching always seems inevitable when it comes to making stories. Don't feel bad. Enjoy the character torture >D I look forward to the approaching drama. XD
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